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Mavis Graham

Mavis Graham is a CELTA qualified teacher. She has Jamaican roots but was born and raised in England and moved to Denmark in 2003. Mavis has a bubbly personality and believes that lessons should be “fun, funny and informative!”

Mavis recommends:
Places to visit in England:
The Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall – for a beautiful coastline, countryside, villages and many other attractions.
Food: Go to a tea room in a village, in any tourist area, and have scones with clotted cream and jam. Yummy!  Fish and chips (with salt and vinegar), from a good fish 'n' chips shop, is a 'must try' and can be bought almost anywhere in England. Enjoy!

Learning Tips:
Read English books that have CDs so that you can listen while you read for correct pronunciation.
Watch lots of English films and only use subtitles in English, if needed.
Try to use new words and phrases that you learn, as much as possible.  Remember - ‘use it or lose it'!

Stuart Wright

Stuart Wrig is English from just outside London. He has a Bachelor from Bournemouth University, A Master’s from Roskilde University and a PhD from Copenhagen University. He also has a TESOL English teacher’s qualification. He teaches all levels of English from beginner to advanced as well as business English at various companies in and around Copenhagen. What he most likes about teaching English is helping people achieve their goals. He ended up in Denmark thanks to a Danish girl!

Stuart recommends:
Food and drink:
It has to be fish and chips washed down with a pint of cider!
Learning tips: Work hard! ;-)
Places to visit: In Denmark – Louisiana
In the UK – Bath, a beautiful city and of course London!
Cultural events: Glastonbury Festival in the south
Literature: Usually American literature. Anything by Cormac McCarthy. Also Tom Wolfe, Brett Easton Ellis.
Diana E. Christensen

Diana E. Christensen is a CELTA qualified teacher with a sound knowledge of Business English. She was born in Jamaica and later relocated to the U.S.A. She has lived in Denmark since 1990.
"What I love about teaching English is that I enjoy being a mentor, a motivator and the biggest cheerleader for my students. I believe that every student has potential and my job is to exploit that potential in a stimulating, creative and fun environment".
Diana recommends:
Food and drink:
Chill out at Rick's cafe in Negril, Jamaica with a Pina Colada spiked with Jamaican rum or a cool Red Stripe beer and some seafood!
Places to visit: Jamaica - Reach Falls, Port Antonio; Negril Beach (7 miles/11km of pure white sand bordering turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea!)
U.S.A. - Yosemite National Park, California(see the sequoia trees); Nappa Valley, California.
Cultural events: Classical music concerts in Central park and Rock music concerts on Jones Beach,New York, July and August
Learning tips: Read a good book every 3 months and a well written newspaper like the Guardian/U.S.A Today
every day.
Literature: My all time favourite is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There is nothing like an intellectual fight between a man and a woman!

Stanley Bento
Stan is from Sacramento, California in the USA. He has a MA from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and has taught TEFOL in Portugal and Denmark. He has also worked with teaching newly arrived immigrants in Los Angeles and Sacramento. He has extensive experience in teaching both business English and general English at all levels in many of the largest companies in Denmark. He finds in very exciting and fulfilling to help students improve their abilities to communicate in English on a global stage. As is often the case, he came to Denmark because of a Danish girl.

Food and drink: Red wine and fried chicken
Learning tips: Be patient and study your verb tenses
Places to visit: Ribe in Denmark and the San Francisco area

Literature: A great fan of historical novels and science fiction.

Lakambini Sitoy

Lakambini, or Bing, has published a novel and two collections of short stories and has won fellowships and awards for her literary work. She holds an MA from Roskilde University in English Studies/ Cultural and Language Encounters, and has worked as a lifestyle and opinion editor, a newspaper columnist and editorial writer, and a teacher of communication, creative writing and non-fiction.  
Bing loves the energy and connection of teaching, as well as the diversity of Studieskolen’s student population. She values precision in the use of language and enjoys helping students sharpen their writing and speaking skills.

Bing recommends:

Food and drink: Pasta in a sauce of garlic and crab fat, Danish Christmas tea all year round

Learning tips: Read as much as you can -- take out a good old-fashioned, professionally-edited book from bibliotek.dk. Record yourself in monologues or conversations. Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words and expressions.

Places to visit: The Big Island in Hawaii; Santorini on the back of a donkey; anywhere in Iceland

Literature: Julian Barnes, Hilary Mantel, Chandler Burr, Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games), to name a few.

Renée Rutgrink Petersen

Renée is from Perth, Australia. She has a degree in English Literature with Honours and a Law degree from the University of Western Australia, as well as a Post Graduate diploma in film from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has been teaching English at Studieskolen since 2008 and enjoys teaching all levels and skills. She has also taught Legal and Business English to Danish corporate clients. She loves meeting new students and watching them grow and thrive in both their language competency and confidence during their time at Studieskolen.

Renée recommends

Food and drink: Pavlovas - a delicious Australian cake made from meringue.

Learning tips: Keep a vocabulary list, read the Copenhagen Post and consider switching the operating language to English on one of your social media tools.

Places to visit: In Western Australia swim with the dolphins, sail the Swan River, sample Margaret River wines, enjoy the secluded beaches of Rottnest island and visit Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle.

Literature: Anything by Tim Winton - an award winning West Australian author.


Ben Galvin Studieskolen
Ben Galvin

Ben is a TESOL qualified teacher with a strong business background gained in the telecoms and insurance industries. He is a qualified telecoms engineer and has worked on some interesting and unusual projects in his telecoms career. Ben is from West Yorkshire in the north of England and is a keen hiker. Living so close to the Yorkshire Dales National Park gave him the chance to walk in some of England’s most beautiful countryside.

Ben moved to Denmark and began teaching a year ago and he really enjoys watching his students develop their English skills and seeing their confidence grow. He loves meeting people from all over the world and learning about different cultures.


Ben recommends:

Food & drink – a homemade steak and ale pie and a pint of Black Sheep bitter in a cosy Dales pub, especially good after a long day’s hiking!
Places to visit – The beautiful and historic city of York, the modern and vibrant city of Leeds and the idyllic village of Kettlewell.
Learning tips – Watch English television and listen to English radio, it’s a great way to learn from native speakers. Never be afraid to speak, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

Tara Hogan

Tara is a TEFL qualified teacher and holds a BA in French and Theology. She started teaching Languages whilst at university and often worked as an exam invigilator. Her theological background has given her a great understanding and curiosity for meeting and teaching people from various cultures, professions and traditions. She teaches  all levels in both general and business English. She is also certified in PRINCE2 project management. Tara is from Ireland and has been teaching English in Copenhagen since 2001.


“I have a passion for teaching. I love to motivate students to do their best and achieve their goals. Fear holds a lot of people back. Once this is overcome, anything can be achieved.”


Tara plays football in Valby, plays guitar and writes poetry in her spare time.


Tara recommends
Food and drink -  Seafood is amazing in Ireland. The Galway Oyster and Seafood  festival is well worth a visit. Irish lamb, traditional bread, cheese and anything dairy are also a must.
Learning tips - Music can be a fun way of learning a new language. Listen to songs whilst reading the lyrics or singing along. This is how I improved my Danish pronunciation. Reading a book and discussing it with a friend is also enjoyable and productive.
Places to visit - Connemara, in the west of Ireland. Oscar Wilde referred to it as “A Savage Beauty”
Literature - Poetry, plays and crime novels. What she’d recommend ; The boy in the striped pyjamas ( John Boyne), The Field ( John B Keane), The Lost Symbol ( Dan Brown), The poetry of William Butler Yeats.

Michelle Pøhls

Michelle teaches both general and business English classes. She has a BA in English from Black Hills State University in South Dakota. She started her teaching career in China in 1988. Afterwards, she finished her degree and moved to Honduras where she taught at an American International School in the daytime and a business language school in the evenings. After three years of living in the tropics, she and her Danish husband returned to Denmark to raise their children. She has been teaching in Denmark since 1997, but plans to return to the international circuit when her children fly the coop.

What Michelle enjoys most about teaching is learning from her business students about many different aspects in business and from her other students about many different countries and their cultures.

Michelle recommends:

Food and drink: Midwestern American prime rib, medium rare, with an optional glass of Chilean red wine.

Learning tips: Marry a native speaker whose parents don’t speak your language. If that’s not an option, read all forms of publications and listen to podcasts of all levels.

Places to visit: anyplace in the US west of the Great Plains, though not including LA.

Entertainment: the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July and the Opera in the Park at Rosenborg in August.

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